Life Insurance Comparisons

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Life Insurance Companies


We at pay for research software to compare life insurance companies products, and each definition is also compared with each other. We then place a rating on each product to allow us to provide you with a recommendation.

Some people prefer to purchase policies straight from a life insurance company, while others prefer to buy life insurance through an adviser or life insurance comparison service.

All advisers have to be licensed to sell life insurance in Australia.

It is important to purchase from a company that has a proven track record and is known for paying claims and has a good rating.

Credit Ratings For A Life Insurance Company

All life insurance companies in Australia are rated by their financial strength and the well known insurance companies will be more than willing to tell you their rating. The strongest life insurance companies are the ones with an A rating or better.

What Can You Expect From Our Comparison Service?

When you first request quotes or advice, the first item that is emailed to you is a Financial Services Guide and an Adviser Profile.

If you just want quotes you will receive a 'Client Summary' which provides a premium estimation only and how they are all compared. As such you cannot act on this information as your personal circumstances have not been taken into account.

If you are after advice, we will ask you questions about your income, assets, liabilities and family situation. With this information the life insurance adviser will then explain various policies and other insurance related matters to you. We will then send you a Statement of Advice.

Our Life Insurance Policy Recommendations

Your adviser will recommend a life insurance policy that will best suit your needs. Carefully look at the recommended policy and be sure that it fits your requirements. Make sure you are happy with our recommendations and ask any questions as it is important that you are fully aware of what our advice provides.