Life Insurance Comparisons

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Life Insurance Comparisons 


A life insurance comparison can be useful in finding the best policy for your situation.


Conducting a thorough life insurance comparison can not only save you money, but can also help ensure that your final policy offers adequate financial cover at claim time.


As an online comparison website we are proud of the strong relationships we hold with Australia’s top life insurance companies. This means our advisers understand the factors which may affect your life insurance quotes, and can thus pass on savings and policy deals directly to you.

Compare Life Insurance

We can compare your existing life insurance policy against other top insurers. However if you don’t have a policy in place yet, we can gather quotes from Australia’s top insurers and compare life insurance for you.


Here at Insure You our life insurance comparisons not only compare premium costs, but also take into consideration other factors which may affect your benefit payment at claim time.


Comparison Points

Our advisers compare the following points to find you a competitively priced policy which also offers comprehensive cover.

  • Premiums – your final premium cost is based on factors like your age, gender, smoking status, level of health, and premium structure. If cost is a concern for you please inform our advisers and we will try to find the best solution for your budget. 
  • Coverage – to ensure you get comprehensive cover we look at things like policy definitions, pre-existing medical conditions, health concerns, and hazardous occupation or past-times.
  • Features – select insurers offer bonus policy features which may reduce your premium or increase your claim payment.